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Why do we need to reduce the festivals environmental impact?

At the end of 2015, 195 countries negotiated the Paris Agreement on climate change, setting out a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C. Achieving this goal will require a complete and urgent rethinking of how we produce and use energy in all aspects of life, reducing consumption, increasing efficiency, generating energy from renewable sources and gradually eliminating fossil fuels in the coming decades.

In the today’s world, festivals are a sector with millions of customers. So they must have the ability to contribute materially to this transition by managing energy and resources in a more intelligent way, but also playing a valuable leadership role in conveying changes to the public towards a more sustainable future.

That’s why FAT FAT FAT Festival launches a new environmental sustainability project that will be implemented with a multi-year plan, developed with the collaboration of a team of grad students from the Polytechnic University of Turin - Master's Degree in Systemic Design. The environmental sustainability initiatives reflect the increasingly urgent feeling of protecting the planet, its resources and the living conditions of its inhabitants, focusing on values ​​such as education, the enhancement of the territory and the reduction of consumption.

A careful planning that involves multiple local realities as suppliers and consortia, to create an effective synergy and results of long-term impact reduction. Every collaboration reflects the economic commitment that the festival is able to manage with the resources available, along a road made in small steps but of real changes.

Disposable plastics will be replaced by biodegradable ones, and straws will be not served.
Cosmari will helps us with more accurate separate collection of waste and its recycle.
They will help us to raise our sensitivity and knowledge, too.
Free portable ashtrays will be distributed to avoid compromising the location's ground.
We’ll serve only zero miles food, reducing the total impact of emissions due to logistics.
We’ll introduce compostable tableware with a strong packaging reduction.
A car pooling service is active.

All the measures will be directly monitored in order to assess how a careful management of the resources and processes of the event can affect the reduction of the impact of the festival, the awareness of users and hopefully ultimately the daily actions of the individual. The goal of this first year is to collect as much data as possible in order to be able to better design the future steps.In this regard, for 2020, FAT FAT FAT has already signed an  understanding protocol with CORIPETfor the direct recycling of food liquids packaging.

This is a project by Matteo Bresaola, Marina Dente and Federica La Forgia.